Cooking without enough light is a real mission. This article will help you say goodbye to the dark side and turn your kitchen into one of your favourite spaces. Want the recipe for a well-lit kitchen? Here we reveal our secrets.

1. Got a window in the kitchen? You’ve struck gold

If your kitchen has a window, you must look after it as if it were your most prized possession, no matter how small it is or how little light it lets in. Avoid covering it with heavy or dark curtains to maximise the amount of natural light in the space. Want to get rid of your curtains entirely? Go ahead!


2. Kitchen mirrors

A mirror is a dark kitchen’s best friend. Mirrors have the power to increase the amount of natural light and sense of space in a room so you’ll improve your lighting while also making the kitchen seem bigger. Two in one!

Want to know the best part? You can choose a designer mirror to bring a personal touch to the space, letting the style and light flow.

3. Colour schemes for your dark kitchen

The colour of the walls and furniture have a big impact on the lighting of a space, and even more so if we’re talking about dimly-lit spaces. Have you thought about changing the colour of your kitchen? Painting the walls in light colours will make a world of difference. And if you’re worried about the colour of the tiles or furniture, calm down! You can use special paint to give them a new lease of life without having to get new ones.

Want to know what colours are best for Feng Shui? In this post you’ll find all the tips for serving good vibes with every meal.


4. Plants for the kitchen

Plants are a fantastic trick for increasing light in any room, and that includes the kitchen. They give the impression of a brighter, more colourful space, as well as bringing a warm and natural look to your kitchen. But plants can’t survive in darkness, you say? Hey! For this we have a range of artificial plants that will become your best kept secret.

5. And at night? Light up your kitchen

Keep your fingers safe with good lighting. You can choose between different kinds of lights depending on your personal style. We recommend always using lightbulbs with warm hues to create a cosier atmosphere.

It’s important to distinguish between general lighting, spotlighting and mood lighting. The aim of general lighting is to illuminate the whole room. Spotlights will go above your counters and work surfaces so you can see all your ingredients and dishes properly. And, finally, mood lighting is perfect for making your kitchen a relaxing place, where you can share a glass of wine with guests. To make sure your kitchen is a clean and functional place, we recommend ceiling lights for general lighting and wall lights or LED strips for spotlights and mood lighting. Goodbye cables, hello style!

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June 17, 2021, 5 p.m.