We love to decorate with rugs, especially in the living room. Getting up from the sofa and putting your feet on a cosy fabric can’t be beaten. And they’re also an essential item when it comes to adding cool and colourful accents. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect rug for your living room.


1. The right size

This is one of the first decisions to make, as the size and shape will determine the options available. For this point, we need to look at our sofa dimensions. If you choose a rug that’s too small, it’ll upset the balance of the space and look underwhelming, while on the other hand if you choose one that’s too big, it’ll make your living room feel smaller. Our tip: Leave a gap of 45-50cm between the rug and the walls.


2. The right position

As we mentioned, the usual position is just underneath the sofa. To create a cosy and welcoming mood in this space. Then the coffee table, pouffes and armchairs can go on top. Our tip: The rug should stick out around 15-20 cm from each side of the sofa.


3. A strong look

Now that we’re clear about shapes and sizes, it’s time to think about designs and materials. First of all, take a look at the decoration of the room and the style you prefer. Choose a plain rug if you don’t want to clutter the room, or you could go for a colourful or patterned rug if you want to break up a neutral colour palette. If your living room is small, choose a light, neutral tone – it’ll help you to brighten up the space and make it feel bigger. If you’re still not quite sure, we’ve got a few ideas for trends and designs that no home should be without:

Sustainable rugs:

PET rugs are for indoors, too, and they’re making a big splash. We’ve got a huge range for sustainable decor fans to choose from. As well as great design, they contribute to a cleaner planet. Did you know that they’re made out of recycled bottles?

Geometric rugs

Designs with colourful geometric shapes are a must if you want to make an impression. The Bahlia rug is the perfect way to add some colour.

Wool rugs

Wool is the ideal year-round material as it maintains its temperature whatever the season. Choose the Sybil rug – it’s woven by hand and has a neutral colour that will make the room feel bigger and brighter.

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll give your living room the look you’ve been dreaming of. Check out our selection of rugs for the living room and choose your favourite.

May 25, 2021, 10 a.m.