The Urban Jungle trend is here to stay, and we're delighted. Read on to discover all the secrets and tips you’ll need for creating an urban jungle at home.

Can't imagine your house without a healthy dose of greenery? Are you a nature lover who yearns for forest and rolling hills, but live in the city? This new trend is for you. Fill your terraces and balconies with these plants, textiles and furniture, and give them a new level of lush you won't ever want to leave.


Achieve your own urban jungle in 3 steps

1. Breathe fresh life into your home

Did you know that plants and the colour green have a direct impact on your mood? Plants can bring an instant feeling of homeliness, and they also convey vitality and optimism. They naturally lift up our mood. Choose plants of different sizes, hanging plants, potted plants, and flowering (and non-flowering) plants. The key is to mix and match and create different heights and atmospheres. Discover all our designer planters to keep your greenery in style here.


2. Combine with natural furniture and materials

The urban jungle style matches perfectly with furniture made from natural materials such as rattan, wicker, bamboo and wood. But it also contrasts strikingly with more industrial styles too.
Psst! One of this year’s must-haves is the Taimi coffee table in cement. Did you know that it has a plant holder (or ice bucket holder?!)
And remember, the small details make a big difference, so add lighting and planters made from sustainable materials. Lights among or adjacent to plants bring out different sides of your plants and highlight their shapes and layers.

Our golden ratio for achieving the perfect balance is to fill your home with 70-80% furniture and accessories and 10-20% plants.


3. Add extra touches of green

If you like this style but filling the whole house with plants isn’t for you, we’ve got the solution. Just add green in different details and let your imagination do the rest. You can add green touches with our Tropic wallpaper, the Lyn painting, or patterned cushions and textiles. And if you really don't have the time or green fingers, but you like this idea, check out our selection of artificial plants- the real thing might be better, but there’s no need to tell anyone they’re artificial... your secret’s safe with us.

Obsessed with this style or not, join the trend on Instagram and get your own little jungle at home.

24 Mar 2022, 10:04 a.m.