Behind every piece of our furniture, there is a story. The new outdoor collection designed by Carlos Guijarro does not follow any script. Every detail of the Sheryl chairs, stools and tables is specially designed to create a unique and unrepeatable designer piece. Here’s what goes on behind the cameras!

All you need is green

Wood plays the key role in the Sheryl collection. Both the tables and the structure of the chairs and stools are made from solid eucalyptus. The best thing about them is where this wood comes from. All pieces in this collection have the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate, which guarantees that the wood comes from sustainable forests, providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

Softly strong

It may surprise you as much as it did us to know how the wood is bent. It's about steam. One hour of steam is needed for every inch of wood that you want to shape. Therefore, the arms and back of Sheryl chairs and stools are made with such care and precision. In other words, an art. This technique also maintains 100% of the wood’s fibres, and therefore all its qualities.

Tie me, tie me a lot

The authenticity of this collection is in every centimetre of wood... and rope! The seats of the Sheryl chairs and stools are hand braided, combining round and flat rope, so that they are both comfortable and resistant. Thread by thread has also been chosen to offer three exclusive colours with a carefully sought hue. Now it's your turn to choose between beige, green or mustard.

Give me sunny days

The pieces by Carlos Guijarro are ideal for enjoying those sunny days outdoors. If you want to, you can. Each piece has been specially treated to withstand UV rays. The wood is lacquered in PU with a natural finish that, in addition to withstanding the sun, enlivens the colour of solid wood and gives it a greater maintenance. The rope, being polypropylene, not only withstands UV rays but is also lightweight and tolerates moisture.

Take care of me

A collection as special as this deserves all the love and care. Keep calm. We’ll tell you how. The wood and rope are also grateful. You know what they say; once a year won’t hurt, and this is the only maintenance they need. Of course, do it with suitable cleaners and protectors, like our Sterina collection. The wood and rope will shine as bright as it did on the first day, maintaining their colour and texture. We're warning you, from experience... A Carlos Guijarro design is a place that you won’t want to leave. At Kave Home, we just couldn’t resist. Come in!

July 9, 2020, 12:34 p.m.