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Mattress Nia 150 x 190 cm

499 € (VAT inc.)

High Street Price: 848 €

Mattress with core of 210mm of Adaptive Foam system of 30kg with ergonomic 3D profile, quilted in Sanitized fabric 300gr treatment against parasitic vectors, 5mm of memory foam, 200gr fiber, 20mm Adaptive-Soft Foam system. Removable. Dry clean.

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The NIA mattress is made of viscoelastic profiled foam and designed for those who live life to the fullest, either because they have an active lifestyle or because their days never really end. It will provide maximum comfort and unparalleled breathability. You only live once!

Design Mattress Nia 150 x 190 cm


ColorsWhite, Gray
DimensionsH 26 cm x L 150 cm x W 190 cm
Weight 24,50 kg
AssemblyNo assembly required.


MaintenanceRotate periodically.
Number of packages1
Package size

Height: 156 cm, Width: 32,5 cm, Length: 32,5 cm

Assembly time (minutes)10


  • A. Sanitized* fabric 300 gr/m2 100% polyester
  • This fabric has a very soft and pleasant touch. Besides, it keeps away mites and other vectors thanks to its antibacterial quality. Your first moment of contact with Nia will be unforgettable.

  • B. 5 mm of viscoelastic
  • It provides maximum comfort and unparalleled adaptability. Relieves pressure points so it will help you to have a good night's sleep.

  • C. 200 gr/m2 of fibers
  • In combination with viscoelastic, it enhances its features so that the feeling of comfort multiplies.

  • D. 20 mm Adaptive-Soft Foam system
  • This thin layer of foam gives firmness to the first section before reaching the core of the mattress.

  • E. 210 mm of Adaptive Foam system of 30 kg/m3 with ergonomic 3D profiling
  • Our R&D team has applied the benefits of pocket springs to one of the best foams in the market. The divisions of the surface work independently to adapt to the different pressure points of your body. The channels that form these divisions favor a high breathability in a homogeneous way.

  • F. 200 gr/m2 of fiber
  • Absorbs the weight of the entire set of layers which benefits the adaptability.

  • G. 30 gr/m2 TNT and white 3D fabric
  • By allowing air flow through the lower part, it prevents moisture accumulation and favors the quick recovery of the mattress once it has been unrolled.

  • H. Grey Stretch fabric
  • The Stretch fabric contains a small foam structure that gives the mattress a superior body and quality in addition to having a soft and pleasant touch.

Mattress Nia 150 x 190 cm
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