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If you’ve ever taken a yoga class at home, your teacher might well have been Xuan Lan (@xuanlanyoga), a leading light in the yoga world with more than 2 million followers on YouTube and Instagram. In addition to teaching online and face-to-face classes, she has written two books, organises yoga events and runs a successful online platform and two social media profiles devoted to the yoga lifestyle.

Her new Barcelona offices are the result of a fabulous renovation of an old factory. Kave Home has furnished the terrace, where she records most of her videos. Do you want to see Xuan Lan’s little oasis?


“Our style is Mediterranean minimalist. To keep our content focussed on yoga, we need an uncluttered space.”

The star of the outdoor lounge is the Giana collection. The sofa and matching armchair combine to create a 100% natural look that successfully transmits that Mediterranean influence.

For Xuan it is very important that the materials are in line with her values, hence the choice of textiles such as the Elbia rug and Dalila cushions. They’re 100% PET, a recycled plastic made from bottles recovered from the ocean. In addition, they give a touch of soft colour to set a balanced and harmonious mood.

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"We have selected our furniture not only for its aesthetics, but also for how it is conceived, designed and manufactured."


The Cira hanging chair creates a relaxing corner where Xuan Lan's team can read a good book or work on her computer.

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"The Cira hanging armchair is like an egg and a swing at the same time. It has cushions so thick that you get inside and it feels like you're in your own personal shelter."


The Vetter table and the Galit chairs have been chosen to form this covered outdoor dining room. Natural materials such as solid wood, rope and cement combine to create the perfect al fresco dining setting.

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The pastel colour palette, Shun tableware and Daneli textiles maintain the relaxed and peaceful style on the table.


For Xuan Lan, yoga should be practiced in a place that relaxes the mind. The Abeli armchair in terracotta matches the wall beautifully and, together with the plants and the Dalva planter, offers a very interesting colour palette that make the space feel unique and special.

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"This terrace faces the south, when the sun comes out it’s where I spend the most time."

El oasis de yoga de Xuan Lan en medio de la ciudad

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El oasis de yoga de Xuan Lan en medio de la ciudad

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