It's your day for cleaning and organising: you spend all day going around the house and no sooner have you managed to get that ideal temple that Marie Kondo would be proud of, life comes along and messes it up again in the blink of an eye.

In this post we give you our tips to keep your home as tidy as possible, to save you time and ensure you can live without fear of last-minute visits.


1. Keep only the essentials

As the great design sages say: "less is always more". If there are few things to clutter up the space, it'll be more difficult to create chaos and easier to put everything in its place.

Always keep an eye out for those accessories that no longer add anything to your life, that are just sitting around, the ones that if you find yourself needing to make a sudden house-move you'll leave behind with no regrets.

Sometimes, we have so many unnecessary objects that, even if they're organised, they give the visual sensation of clutter, so it's important to detect them and get rid of them.

Hey! Remember that whenever you want to throw something out, you can always donate it, sell it, recycle it or give it a second life. Be responsible, please!


2. Functional organization

Putting everything away is a quick way to create a sense of order around you. But this trick wants to take it one step further, as finding a smart place for each item will be the first step in helping you keep everything organised.

For example, if you keep your laptop, pens and work tools away from your home office, as you use them, they'll become cluttered on your desk. The secret is to find a logical place for them, close to where you need them most often so that you always have them at hand and can organise them effortlessly. So, in this case, we would advise you to add a storage area to your desk and store your work essentials there.


3. Make tidiness a habit

Now that you have fewer objects to tidy and you can tidy the ones you have easily and quickly, you'll just have to get used to tidying up as you go.

Like cleaning the dishes after every meal, it's a thousand times easier to do it instantly, without thinking or looking for excuses, than it is to lie on the sofa thinking about how messy you are and watch your household chores pile up.

Have you been reading on the sofa? Perfect, when you get up all you have to do is put the cushions back, fold the blanket and put your book on the shelf, all in about... 30 seconds, without even realising it.


Tidying up, cleaning, organising... These are those words that are so scary when they pile up on your to-do list but that, over time, you discover that the secret lies in doing them little by little and without thinking too much.

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Oct. 28, 2021, 8 a.m.