• Judit Navarro

    How to choose your mattress: the key to sleeping like a baby

    Whether you are a day or night person, we all need a good night’s rest to tackle our days. We are very much aware that everybody has a different way of sleeping and finds comfort in other types of mattresses. That is why we have designed 3 types of mattresses so that you can pick […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Summer recipes: Salmorejo

    If you love the Mediterranean, healthy, fresh and natural cuisine, then this recipe is for you. Follow our step by step guide to the perfect summer dish. You can choose whether you will serve it at an elegant dinner or for an outdoor lunch, the key is in how you set your the table. Created […]

  • Laura Ayala

    Summer recipes: Mussels in pickled sauce

    Summer has arrived and we can finally have dinner outside and enjoy the oceans’ fruits. Invite some friends over and surprise them with a great meal and the perfect setting. This recipe is by Maria Algara who is a photographer, stylist and co-founder of the HomeLifeStyle Magazine.

  • Laura Ayala

    Summer recipe: Lemon pie

    Summer is the perfect occasion to gather all your friends and family together to enjoy some good food. Show off how your newly acquired baking and cooking skills. Blow your guests’ minds with this lemon pie recipe made by Maria Algara, photographer, stylist and co-founder of the HomeLifeStyle Magazine. Discover our accessories for the perfect […]

  • Anna Jaén

    How to get a nice garden, 5 ideas to get the paradise at home

    If you are looking for some garden ideas to make it your relaxing spot or the perfect place for your friends and family gatherings on sunny days, you are in the right place. Although there are many types of terrace, we find common characteristics in the terraces that leave us in awe.

  • Laura Ayala

    How to set the table, 8 table setting ideas

    The nice weather is officially here and, with it, the incredible dinners on the open air. Because going to a restaurant is nice, but enjoying your home and terrace to the fullest is more rewarding. With these tips by Maria Bermúdez, interior designer (@quefalamaria), and our new kitchen collection, you’ll be the best host!

  • Judit Navarro

    We take care about your order and the planet

    One of our favorite things to do is delivering your orders. That is why we take every detail very seriously, such as our packaging made out of natural materials to the environmentally friendly processes we use to make it.

  • Judit Navarro

    We love helping out

    At Kave Home we believe that great projects come from teamwork and the aim of creating a fair and caring society. That’s why we grab every chance we get to help and contribute to our society. We couldn’t be more thankful for the support of the foundations and organizations investing their efforts in improving these […]

  • Judit Navarro

    Our energy-efficient offices

    Here at Kave Home we have always worked with passion to bring great designs and the latest trends directly to your home. Since we have our new facilities things have become even better. Being able to work in a place where we are surrounded by sustainability allows our ideas and projects to flow even more […]

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