Coffee table books are a classic decorative look. They tend to be big, thick, hardback books with plenty of images and cover a range of topics, from fashion to art to cinema or music. Interior designers and decorators love decorative books as they add a really special, unique touch to tables and bookcases. They're the perfect thing for adding some complexion to an empty table.

The best, most stylish way to arrange these books at home is to place the biggest one at the bottom and put up to four books of the same or similar size on top. To finish the look, put a decorative item on top, such as a candle, diffuser or pretty box. That will provide contrast with the materials of the books and table, and also adds height and interest to the arrangement.


Why are decorative books always a good option? Here are 6 good reasons

They’re not only good in the living room, you can add decorative books anywhere - try putting them on the hallway console table, in the kitchen, study or a bedroom bookcase. If they have vibrant or eye-catching covers, even better.


We love coffee table books as they act as a base for lots of other decorative items. On tables or sideboards, a pile of books become the perfect place for a jewellery box or candleholder to shine.

Another great idea is putting 15 or so books next to the sofa and, hey presto, you’ve got yourself a side table where you can keep the remote control or a table lamp. Just be careful it's secure - you don't want a toppling tower.

Tip: When using a decorative pile of books, make sure they’re all the same size. If not, they’ll turn into a pyramid and it often looks messy.


With one little twist, you can give your interiors a makeover. Change your books with the seasons, using books with bright, shiny covers in spring and summer, and saving darker ones for the colder months. These books are also great for adding a touch of colour to a space. You don't need to revamp your whole space to keep your space and your mind fresh.


They’re also child friendly. Put the books on the lowest shelves on your bookcase or on your coffee table and, because they’re heavy, kids won’t be able to pull them down. They're fabulous in so many ways!


Coffee table books are a good conversation starter too. Keep them close when having a drink or a coffee with guests and they won’t be able to resist commenting on them. Say yes to decorative books and add some novel style to any room. You can find amazing decorative books for your home in the reading section of our shops.

July 13, 2021, 9:18 a.m.