Some times you fancy a film and some popcorn, other times you want to stretch out and read about the latest trends ... Your living room is the ultimate place you go to unwind and disconnect, so it has to be ready for any eventuality. The first thing it needs is a good sofa. The latest creation by Òscar Doll, a designer here at Kave Home, is much more than that and it is called Compo.

Let’s be clear. You can enjoy so many activities twice as much from the comfort of the sofa. How often have you continued working on your laptop whilst on the sofa? Or had an afternoon nap in the living room? Now think about if your sofa could also adapt to the space you need at any given time. The Compo can do just that, as it is made up of different pieces that you can position, remove, or change depending on what you need.

Backrests, armrests, one large tray and one small tray are the parts that come with this sofa, which you can combine however you like. The more accessories you have, the more you will get out of your sofa. In addition, they are so easy to add and remove. And if you are curious to see what it looks like stripped bare, free from accessories, you will discover that there is also a 232 x 98 cm bed!

This sofa is only suitable for stylish people like you. The design of the Compo sofa, with its timeless lines, offers perfect proof that less is more. It has a stripped back essential appeal that is also in line with the very latest trends. Look at the detail of the legs showing above the upholstery, applying the design principle of exposed structures. A sofa that is undoubtedly at the very cutting edge.

Every little detail has been carefully crafted on the Compo, and only good quality materials have been used. It is solid yet comfortable, because its structure is made of pine and is covered in foam. In addition, the legs are made from steel and painted black, for a perfect finish. And, as for accessories, they also come with the best possible finish, and each piece is fully and individually upholstered. No tricks.

Sounds great, but we always want more. That is why we want your sofa to be a Compo, but it should also suit your own tastes. Have your Compo upholstered in beige, blue, turquoise, light grey or dark grey. You can choose your accessories in a matching colour, or if you fancy something a little different, you can mix it up a bit. Get composing with your Compo.

July 9, 2020, 12:18 p.m.