Here at Kave Home we have always worked with passion to bring great designs and the latest trends directly to your home. Since we have our new facilities things have become even better. Being able to work in a place where we are surrounded by sustainability allows our ideas and projects to flow even more freely. We would like to welcome you to our home with this special tour.

Positive energy equals efficient energy

They say that good vibes arise when the planets are aligned. We believe that if we take care of our planet everything is on our side. That is only possible when we take energy-efficient actions, by saving power and reducing our CO2 emissions. Our new facilities are built to guarantee below average energy consumption.


Natural light, green light

We love working with natural light and that is why we try to make the most of it during the day. We have natural luminosity detectors to adjust the consumption and intensity of electric illumination (all with LED technology of course!) and motion sensors to automatically switch the light on when someone enters a room. More importantly in every empty room the lights are off! To help those slightly more forgetful people who leave them on. Oh, and we also have automatic “smart” blinds that open or close according to our schedule.


The perfect climate

We have all been there when one person is freezing whilst the other is overheating. With our automatic air conditioning system, this never happens. The secret? Our offices are smartly divided and allow for a perfect constant temperature to assure a comfortable working space and at the same time reducing electricity consumption. Besides, the air is constantly automatically refreshed to maintain a high quality.


Like in a bubble

Did you know that our headquarters are located next to a busy road? Guess what, we don’t hear a thing. We are surrounded by soundproof panels to keep the noise pollution out. They are also ideal in maintaining a set temperature inside. By being isolated from the outside world, we are able to work easily and get into the flow by completely disconnecting from what happens outside.

Hard work comes with big rewards.

July 9, 2020, 2:19 p.m.