Is your dining room small? No problem. We have loads of ideas, tricks and combinations to make the most of this space. Make your dining room charming, we can teach you how.

Tables and chairs made to measure 

Round, extendable, square... Don’t worry, we’ll find the best option so everyone can sit around the table. Our first proposal is the Argo table, measuring 149 cm x 149 cm and made of glass. Size does matter and a table like this will be very useful thanks to its versatility. You can place it against the wall to gain even more space. Another positive aspect is its material. Transparent glass furniture gives your space more depth.

Another option could be the Oqui extendable table. Thanks to its 120 cm x 120 cm measurements, it takes up very little space and is ideal to make you day to day more practical. There’s nothing like white. It provides space and peace of mind, perfect when your dining room is small and turns into a jungle every time you all sit down at the table. Just relax. What we like most about the Oqui table is that you will have space for surprise visits, since it can extend to a maximum length of 200 cm. If you don’t have the space in the dining room, you can move it to the living room for those special occasions. It is very light and at the same time resistant, Enjoy design.

It combines with minimalist and simple chairs. The Alsie chair and its "X" shaped backrest will give you the feeling of having a larger and more open space. Another option could be the Areia chair whose elegant lines will be perfect in any dining room. If you have extra guests you can go for stools. Don’t hesitate.

Details that make the difference

What more do you want? We love decor and the walls of your dining room play a very important role. Go for open shelves and mirrors. A sure-fire way of making your dining room look bigger. The Tabi rectangular mirror will preside over anywhere you decide to hang it, its reflection will be your ally.

Remember, decorate with light colours and follow the same color scheme. Don’t try to fill the home with furniture and decor. In these cases, less is more. Choose just the right and necessary pieces and you’ll find that you have more space. Use versatile and lightweight furniture. Think of stools, side tables, poufs ... You can move them as needed and use them as an extra seat. Show everyone that your dining room is the coolest!

July 9, 2020, 12:20 p.m.