Things we do every day like drinking a glass of water, using ours cars, and washing our hands are closely related to forests in one way or another. We should all be more aware of the impact we collectively have on the environment. Forests are one of the key components for fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity, and it's vital we take their preservation seriously to ensure future generations can enjoy them like we've been able to.

Our commitment to sustainable production

In 2021, we were awarded the official FSC® certificate, accrediting us as a company that ensures all the wood we use comes from controlled tree felling, guarantees biodiversity conservation, and promotes responsible forest management worldwide. Take a look below to see our outline of just a few of the different types of sustainably sourced wood we use to make our products:

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Acacia Wood - the all in one

Acacia is one of the most sustainable types of wood available today, and is often used as a sustainable alternative to other woods. It's also highly durable and damp resistant. Versatility is another of its strengths, because it can be used in a whole range of different products and applications. It also has a beautiful finish and grain. It’s the wood that has it all!

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White Cedar wood or Mindi wood – tropical paradise

It’s sometimes called the paradise tree, and no wonder! This Asian hardwood adapts to any space and style, adding a rustic touch that enhances every corner of your home. White cedar wood is also naturally resistant to decay, warping, and has an extremely smooth grain that makes it a wonderful choice for a natural finish.

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Hickory Wood - resistant to everything

Hickory is one of the most resistant woods and is well appreciated for its beautiful, sophisticated dark tones. Furniture made from this wood lends great character to space, and is naturally eye-catching.

In our choice of wood and materials, as in every step we take in production and operation, we always consider the impact it has on our planet. We're committed to doing the right thing for the environment and our communities, and to keep on doing better. We know we're not perfect, but we're working hard to get as close to that for our planet as we possibly can.

Find out more about Kave Cares - the project we're most proud of at Kave Home. It's where we bring together all of our sustainability-related actions, projects and partnerships, to better analyse and improve what's pushing forward our daily, continuous commitment to the environment. Awareness and responsibility for our surroundings and society is a top priority for us.

March 17, 2022, 12:55 p.m.