If you’re a little torn between rustic and modern style, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we bring you 10 ways to combine the two looks – keeping the cosiness of the rustic and bringing it up to date with some modern design. Let's do this!


The ideal colour

In rustic spaces, white is the colour par excellence. Grey, on the other hand, is the key shade for modern spaces. So, now you know – all you need to do is mix them together.

Wood as the centrepiece

Without a doubt, this material is a must. Give wooden furniture the starring role in your space and be bold – combine different types of wood in different shades.

Designer seating

Chairs are another defining element and you’ve got endless possibilities if you want to add a modern touch: metallic, wooden or designer chairs, or one with a unique shape.

Natural textiles

For your fabrics, choose natural materials such as cotton, wool or linen. And go for equally natural colours like beige, brown or white. Check out our fabric options.

Must-have decoration

Such as baskets, candle holders and vases. Baskets and boxes made from natural fibres are essential items in a rustic interior. Match your decor with ultra-modern candleholders or vases that are a style statement in their own right and enjoy the best of both stylish worlds.


Open spaces

The most modern houses are full of open spaces, particularly the kitchen-dining room or living-dining room. Use them to create a more up-to-date mood, with contemporary lines and modern pieces.

Modern furniture

There are pieces that conjure up the modern look all on their own – like stools. If you don’t yet have any, now’s the time to add some to your kitchen. You’re sure to love our Alve stool.

Materials like metal

Metal will help to break up the rustic style and keep the look fresh. You decide: should we add it as a decorative element with a lamp or side table, or in the form of an all-metal furniture unit?

Furniture with clean and simple lines

The most important point is to choose furniture with straight or curved lines, made primarily from wood and with a current design. Discover the collections we’ve put together to help you recreate this look for yourself.

Create visual harmony

Now you know all the key points for curating a cosy, rustic home with cool and contemporary decor. Be sure to choose pieces that can easily coexist for a visually harmonious space. Combining colours and materials will help you get the right result.

June 9, 2021, 10 a.m.