If you know how to plan, you can create and decorate your ideal hallway. Surely, you’ll ask, how do I start looking for furniture if I don’t have a lot of space? Keep calm, we will give you some small pieces of advice here. Take note!

What you most need for your hallway is a console table, a mirror, a mat and some vases to give it that finishing touch. Anything else? A bit of green always looks good.

Choose the Burano console table, so that a small hallway gets larger. It will fill the space with brightness and lightness. The first thing your eyes will see: design and trend.

The second important element for your hallway is a mirror. You will always be ready before leaving. As well as practical, it will decorate your entrance. The Starburst mirror, an indispensable accessory for any space, will grab the attention of anyone coming through the door. With round lines and with its original and atypical gold-coloured frame, it delivers that unique character that you want.

Something which most people consider less important, but something which will give your hallway a cosy feeling, is a mat. Round and made of jute in its natural colour, the Coss mat is perfect for you. With that irresistible traditional touch, it will make a mark. A round mat and mirror are a real highlight for this space.

For vases that match each other and can be put on the Burano console table, the Bachar vases are ideal. They have different textures: some with dotted sides, others with lines and glazing. Fill them with flowers and you will have a fresh, bright and natural entrance.

Where will you leave your keys when you walk in the door? The Clap box, made from natural mango wood and carved stone, it’s ideal, since you can leave your keys there without them being seen. Everything organised!

You know, if you have noted down these small pieces of advice, your hallway will look great. You already know that with small things you can do big things. Let the sparks fly. There is beauty in simplicity.

May 26, 2020, 11:17 a.m.