If you're reading this article, you probably have a blue sofa already, or you're thinking about getting one and wondering how to match it. Have we guessed right? Well, you’re in luck, because here’s a list of colours that go with blue sofas, and the ones that don’t.


Blue and grey

Our number one favourites, without a doubt. This neutral colour that goes with practically everything, and blue sofas are no exception. Add a few white touches with accessories to create a clean atmosphere and create a sense of spaciousness.

Blue and beige

Another neutral colour that goes perfectly with blue. Choose this tone and create a warmer, more natural vibe. Pictures that include natural elements or tapestries such as the Exist will help you match the sofa with other colours. The Cabanes rug is another great option to match up blue with beige tones.

Blue and brown

Another combination that never lets you down is blue and brown. We love it because it offers an infinite amount of combinations and tones, too. With dark brown, you can create a very elegant look with bags of character, really highlighting the natural qualities inherent in blue. On the other hand, light brown can create a very natural and relaxing look.


Blue with turquoise

Things are getting serious. Let’s move on to the riskier colours that deliver those striking, wow-factor results, such as blue and turquoise or other tones of blue, and even green. Choosing a single palette is a safe bet as we can be sure that the colours will work well together while also creating a space with a lot of character.

Blue and pink

A daring choice to add a modern touch to your interior. The proof? The blue Brida sofa with the pink Brida armchair. If you like the idea but feel it’s too much, you can always go for pastel tones – they’re more discreet and closely-matched, and are less contrasting.

Blue with mustard

Mustard is another colour that has filled our rooms with style and that goes perfectly with blue. Add a mustard-coloured cushion or dare to pair your blue sofa with an armchair in this colour. You’ll soon see some extremely on-trend results, and we see blue and mustard or deep yellow tones being a highly desired combination for a long time.


Blue and red

For us, blue and red is such a bold choice that we wouldn’t usually recommend it. This colour contrasts strongly with blue, so we’ve got to be careful with it. The living room is one of the main rooms. We want to create a relaxing look for spending a lot of time in.

Blue and orange

This is very similar to the previous combination, and another that we wouldn’t recommend for your blue sofa. Orange and blue are complementary colours, so if we choose orange, we have to know how to use it well. We can add little hints of orange, but if you add more, the combination may begin to dominate your spaces, and in the end you could find that you decide you want to switch up the combination not long after bringing it to your living space.

If you really like red and orange, we're not saying that you can’t pair these colours with your blue sofa, there's a way to combine almost every colour. You just have to take greater care, and find the right balance between all the elements that make up your living room.

June 16, 2021, 9:42 a.m.