Written by: Judit Navarro

How to make the most of a white bedroom

Your bedroom should be more that the place where you sleep, it has to make you feel comfortable and talk about your style. That’s why a white bedroom is the best to make you feel on cloud nine. So, as if it was a blank page, let’s get creative. bedroom storage bed

A bedroom, a world apart

We all daydream sometimes and, what’s better than doing it in your bedroom? There we listen to music, spend some time reading or on the phone and have the deepest thoughts, for example. Therefore, the key furniture piece is your bed and, of course, the best mattress. It is important to know if you prefer a hard or soft mattress, or if you are sensitive to the cold or heat, had you ever thought about that? In our last post about mattresses you’ll find all the info you need to choose the perfect one.   white bedroom light

White bedroom? Bright bedroom!

To paint your bedroom white is the best decision ever. You will make it look more spacious and brighter. And if you love staying wide awake reading some books at night, a good table lamp or wall lamp is the best solution. Of course, bet on getting a LED light bulb, it will last longer, save some power and make the planet happier.   white bedroom headboard

White with some colour

Maybe your solid white walls are in need some colour. Why have a boring bedroom when you can achieve a unique one? It can be yours with no effort. Wall decor is the best option. Add some paintings and framed pictures to showcase your style. Another good option to keep you from making holes in your walls is wallpaper. It’s perfect to add dimension to one wall of your room or create a special corner, click here to read our post about our new wallpaper collection. Get inspired!   white bedroom bedside table

You can have it all

In any relaxing zone you should be in harmony and organization is essential. Chests of drawers are a key furniture piece to keep your outfits in one place and, when you put them on, check the final look on a wall mirror. And to keep your must-haves reachable without getting out of the bed, a good bedside table is crucial. Remember that having some storage will assure a better organization. Who needs to count sheep to fall asleep? Now you don’t.